[Amazing #5] Best Zoo In USA For Family And Child’s 2018

“Best Zoo In USA” Hello Friends If you have a grief to see the animals, then you people must have woken up and seen the animals, but today we will tell you about some #4 zoo which is in the usa and I know that if you are not here Let’s see that this #5 zoo in USA.


#1 Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo

Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo was opened in June 1989. It is in Zoo Gulf Shores, Alabama, if it speaks of the place of this Zoo, it is spread over 17 acres. There are approximately 2700000 people coming every year in this zoo. You can play with the escape. This Zoo is special for children. Here you can complete your children. If you want to go here, you only visit sunday here.
Time: 9: 00 AM to 4:00 PM You can
go to its website by visiting www.alabamagulfcoastz oo.org/

#2 Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center


If we talk about Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center then this is a big zoo where you will find all kinds of animals such as great horned owls, wood bison, bald eagles, elk, muskoxen, sitka black tailed deer, caribou, Canadian lynxes, wolves , Grizzly bears, black bears, Alaskan moose, red foxes, and porcupines.

Zoo Information

This Zoo was opened in 1999, the Zoo is spread over 700 acres.
Open Time: 8:30 am to 7pm
Phone number: +1 907-783-2025
Address: Mile 79 Seward Hwy, Girdwood, AK 99587, USA
For More Information Visit: https: //www.alaskawildlife.org/

#3 Navajo Nation Zoological and Botanical Park

Navajo Zoological Park is a small zoo park in which you can find some animals like coyotes, bobcats, elk, big Horn sheep, black bears and golden eagles and many animals here, but here you can go and work with your children. It’s a fun place.It is “Best Zoo In USA

Information of Zoo

If you talk about Zoo, it spreads in about 14.7 acres and has more than 100 animals, here every year 100,000 people visit.
Zoo Address: 34 AZ-264, Window Rock, AZ 86515, USA
Zoo Open Time:
Tuesday 10 AM-4:30 PM
Wednesday 10 AM-4:30 PM
Thursday 10 AM-4:30 PM
Friday 10 AM-4:30 PM
Saturday 10 AM-4:30 PM
Sunday Closed
Monday 10Am-4: 30 PM
Visit Zoo Website www.navajozoo.org/

#4 Wildlife World Zoo

Wildlife World Zoo is a very big u.sa’s Zoo and there is also an Aquarium. The Zoo was opened in 1984. The area of ??this zoo is spread over 215 acres, here every year about 50000 people come to visit around here. There are more than 3000 animals and more than 600 animals have children, which are kept in different wards to watch.


Here you will find a famous animal such as Ostrich, African Warthogs, Olive
Baboons, Sable Antelope, Red River Hogs, Ring-Tailed Lemur, Spotted Hyena, Fischer’s Lovebirds, Capuchin, Capuchin, Springbok, Spider Monkey,
Dragon’s offspring
Here you also get to see the dragon’s parasite
Such as: Green Iguana, Sail Fin Dragon, Gila Monster, White Alligator, Dwarf Crocodile, Green Anaconda,
And Bearded Dragon
In this zoo, you get to see Baby Animal Nursery where animals are cared for.
If you have to walk this zoo then you get a vehicle here so that you can roam the zoo completely.
Address of Zoo: 16501 W Northern Ave, Litchfield Park, AZ 85340, USA

#5 Oakland zoo

Zoo Introduction”Best Zoo In USA

Oakland zoo is a very good zoo, it spreads in around 100 acres. The Zoo was opened in 1922, but here you have more than 1000 animals. If you prefer to have fun with your family, then you have the best zoo for you. Belongs to USA

Gladys Valley Children’s Zoo

Here you get a good chance to meet the children of animals for your child. Here the children of animals have made a separate place, which is spread over 3 acres. You can also take photos with them.


It also has a large playground for your children

The names of the people here


  1. Ants, honey pot
  2. Atta cephalotes
  3. Beetle, Dermestid
  4. Madagascar hissing cockroach
  5. Archispirostreptus gigas
  6. Scorpion, Asian forest
  7. Spider, black widow
  8. Dolomedes tenebrosus
  9. Chilean rose tarantula
  10. Cobalt blue tarantula
  11. Mastigoproctus giganteus
  12. Eurycantha calcarata
  13. Medauroidea extradentata

2.Reptiles and amphibians

  1. American alligator
  2. Mission golden-eyed tree frog
  3. Blue poison dart frog
  4. Panamanian golden frog
  5. Golden mantella
  6. Green mantella
  7. Hylomantis lemur
  8. Uroplatus fimbriatus
  9. Black tree monitor
  10. Sceloporus serrifer
  11. Chuckwalla
  12. Gila monster
  13. Giant plated lizard
  14. Sudan plated lizard
  15. Beauty rat snake
  16. Aldabra giant tortoise
  17. African spurred tortoise
  18. Florida red-bellied cooter
  19. Spotted turtle
  20. Three-toed box turtle
  21. Black-throated monitor
  22. Amazon tree boa
  23. Sonoran Desert toad


  1. Southern red bishop
  2. Crane, Lilford
  3. Pied crow
  4. White-faced whistling duck
  5. Cattle egret
  6. Emu
  7. Fischer’s lovebird
  8. Lesser flamingo
  9. Egyptian goose
  10. Hammerkop
  11. Wreathed hornbill
  12. Red-billed hornbill
  13. Hadada ibis
  14. Sacred ibis
  15. Blue-and-yellow macaw
  16. Red-bellied parrot
  17. Speckled pigeon
  18. Blue-bellied roller
  19. African spoonbill
  20. Taveta golden weaver


  1. Hamadryas baboon
  2. Sun bear
  3. American bison
  4. Dromedary camel
  5. Chimpanzee
  6. Coati
  7. Sika deer
  8. Common eland
  9. African elephant
  10. Tule elk
  11. Small flying fox
  12. Large flying fox
  13. Lar gibbon
  14. Reticulated giraffe
  15. Pygmy goat
  16. Alpine (goat)
  17. Anglo-Nubian goat
  18. Spotted hyena
  19. Blue-eyed black lemur
  20. Ring-tailed lemur
  21. Lion
  22. Meerkat
  23. Squirrel monkey
  24. Indian muntjac
  25. North American river otter
  26. Pot-bellied pig
  27. European rabbit
  28. Ovis aries
  29. Siamang
  30. Tiger
  31. Cotton-top tamarin
  32. Vervet monkey
  33. Common wallaroo
  34. Warthog
  35. Grant’s zebra

If you have to go here, you can also visit the website on their website.
http://www.oaklandzoo.org/”Best Zoo In USA

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