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Padman Real Life Story

Padman Real Life Story: Akshay Kumar’s new upcoming movie padman is based on a true story, this movie is based on the book of Akshay Kumar’s wife, Twinkle Khanna.The real hero of padman is Muruganatham, keeping a close relationship with a poor family of south India. He was born in 1962. His father died in a road accident and mother used to work in the farm. She left school at the age of 14, seeing the bad circumstances of her house.He started working in the factory and the welder company to run the wages and jobs to run the house.The life of Muruganatham had to face many difficulties from childhood to his youth.“Padman Real Life Story”Then he married his wife in 1998 His padman name was because, he started construction of sanitary napkins with his wife at a lower price and began to raise awareness about women’s periods in rural areas.

Why Started Nippin’s Work

Padman Real Life Story
One day he came back home after marketing with the mercket and saw that his wife was hiding something from him. On the request of his wife, he told them that there is no thing for your work, what was it that was smothering them?Actually, the clothes used in the Periods were asked why they used to wear the clothes, then their wife dropped off to save money. Then the padman said to his wife that he was gifted to the napkin, that at the age of 30, Was touched.

Napkin started to make itself

They started making napkins on their own. When they went to take a napkin, see how expensive the company is selling.“Padman real Life Story”Then what was once thought and started making napkin very hard work and was very excited to see their hard work. Slowly, in 18 months, they put 250 machines in their busines and raised their businesess.

Padman Full Movie Release Date And More Details

Directed By:R.Balki
Starring      :Akshay kumar,Sonam Kapoor,Radhika Apte
Country      :India
Language   :Hindi

Release Date Full Movie

World Wide:26th January 2018

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