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Ranu Mondal

Life before coming to Singing Line

Ranu Mondal Biography

Ranu Mondal Biography,new song,wiki
Ranu Mondal is an Indian singer. If we talk about her life, Ranu Mondal was very poor before coming into Bollywood industry, she used to sing songs in Indian train and people used to pay money instead, due to which she spent. Ranu Mondal has four children but was cared for by her daughter Elizabeth Sathi Roy. Elizabeth Sathi Roy says that she used to give Rs 500 to her mother every month. She says that she did not know that her mother had left home. One day I saw mother sitting at the station, I went to her and asked her what she was doing here and I gave 200 rupees to mother and asked mother to go home but she did not go.
At the time my mother left her house, I was married and I used to stay at my husband’s house. After some time I got divorced and I started living separately with my child.

Story of Ranu Mondal becoming a singer

Ranu Modal sing songs on the train before became a Singer. One day a man traveling in a train recorded her voice on his mobile phone and uploaded it to the famous social site YouTube and Tik Tok. Public liked Ranu Mondal’s song, due to which the famous Bollywood singer Himesh Reshammiya made the first song teri meri kahani with Ranu Mondal which was well liked by the public of India. In this way the success of Ranu Mondal started life.

Song List

  1. Teri Meri Kahani
  2. Teri Diwani Hojna
  3. Tomari Ashraye
  4. Duniya awaj uthaye
  5. Ek Nyyi Jindgi
  6. small
  7. Wohi Mera Pyara


Born: 5 November 1960 , Krishnanagar
Nationality: Indian
Genre: House

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